FullRiver DC 400-6 AGM Sealed 6V 415AH Battery

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Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries match the highest standard for Deep Cycle VRLA batteries on the market. Fullriver's construction, plate chemistry and craftmanship are optimimzed to provide long life under demanding applications. Fullriver DC batteries use more lead creating stronger connections between cells, heavier plates to increase reserve capacity, and a chemistry formulated for maximum cycle life. Fullriver Deep Cycle batteries have been used for boats, RVs, solar and wind-powered systems, electric vehicles, golf carts, floor cleaning machines, pallet trucks and more. Fullriver DC batteries are tested and proven for the most demanding deep cycle applications. Product Features: • 6 volts • L16 group size • 885 mins @ 25 amps • 229 mins @ 75 amps • 340 AH @ 5HR • 415 AH @ 20HR.

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